Chronic Illness Travel Essential

Having health issues forces you to be extra prepared when you’re on the go and since our upcoming trip is right around the corner (this coming Monday!) we wanted to share a few of our necessities when it comes to travel.

packing list collage

1. ultima replenisher, nuun & emergen-c. 

Drinking on a normal basis is always super important for anyone suffering with autoimmune & autonomic problems, but it's especially vital to stay hydrated when flying. We love to carry Ultima, Nuun, and Emergen-C when we fly & travel. Each one plays a slightly different role, but with this trio we feel super boosted when we start to feel symptomatic. 

2. hand Sanitizer

A tough thing with traveling (especially flying) is all of the germs. We're already prone to getting sick more than the average person, so having something to clean our hands with is always welcomed. This Dr. Bronner's hand sanitizer smells like lavender is our personal fav. 

3. compression pants

It's really Important for us to wear compressions when flying. Not only because we have POTS, but also because we both have a blood mutation (add it to our never ending list). We like to wear leggings in a size smaller than we would usually wear so it acts as a stronger compression. ALO makes great high waisted leggings that are thick & are great for flying!

4. face moisturizer

We really love Kihel's Ultra Facial Moisturizer. It's lightweight & isn't oily or irritating at all. Flying & changing climates can make our skin super dry so we try to apply this a couple times during the course of traveling and it keeps our skin hydrated and plump. 

5. chapstick

Burt's Bees chapstick is definitely a go to for us - like we mentioned above, it's so easy to feel dried out when traveling. We've used this chapstick for over 10 years and buy a couple at a time because we always have one stashed in our purse, car, room etc. 

6. essential oils (peppermint, lavender, onguard)

Peppermint is such a useful oil because it helps with a ton of different aliments from nausea to headaches to upset stomach. We'll use lavender to combat the stress of those travel days and hopefully help us fall asleep easier.  OnGuard is an awesome oil blend for killing germs. We'll usually do a drop under our tongue every day surrounding traveling. 

7. disinfecting wipes

Basically as we said before with the hand sanitizer, traveling = GERMS. We're germaphobes & like to have our bases covered! Wet Ones wipes are sold at target's travel sized area - they're great to stick in a backpack or car. 

8. Salt pills

These come in super handy to have around and helps us hold on to all of the liquid we consume, which makes us stay hydrated! 

9. gum & mints

   We always have ample amounts of gum or mints to chew on because they truly have been a lifesaver when a sudden bout of nausea hits. 

10. healthy Snacks 

Like a lot of people out there, we both have certain eating restrictions we try to stick by in order to feel our best. It can be hard when traveling to always stay on track so we like to make the process as easy as we can by bringing our own snacks along the way. We love Quest bars because they're a high protein, super low sugar snack that carries us over between meals and doesn't cause any sugar crash (Cookies and Cream is our favorite flavor).