Ice Cream or Fro-Yo?

Which one is a better choice, fat-free sorbet or regular fat ice cream? The answer is hidden answer C, nothing! Just joking, the answer is actually the regular fat ice cream. You may think the fat-free sorbet would be the smarter choice because of the lack of fat, but non-fat products usually have a much higher sugar content. Also, without the fat there to slow down the absorption of sugar, your blood sugar spikes, and then dips down. This drop in blood sugar is what causes food to convert into fat quicker; your goal should be to keep your blood sugar level as stable as possible. If you prefer the fat-free sorbet, try adding some nuts to it, so the fat will help balance out and stabilize the sugar absorption. Sugar is hard on your body and aggravates a lot of conditions. It is very addicting and hard to avoid (especially this time of year) but it is an important factor to consider if you’re trying to get your body and health condition as stable as possible.

Ice Cream - Pink Background



If I’m going to indulge in a dessert or treat, I still try and be cautious about the sugar content. I personally don’t believe in ‘low-fat’ or ‘non-fat’, but will always keep an eye out for ‘low-sugar’. Clemmy’s Ice Cream is my favorite for when the ice cream cravings hit (with a lot of fresh whipped cream!).

I LOVE ice cream & dare I say, it may be one of my favorite desserts. On top of everything else I’m hypoglycemic, so I never feel that great from sugar. It doesn’t stop me indulging, but when I do have a sweet treat I try to make sure I have some sort of protein (like nuts or a bite of a portion bar) so I don’t crash too hard. Lucky for me there’s a few low/no sugar options out there that taste amazingggg. MY top 3 brands & flavors are: Clemmy’s  (cookies & cream), Halo Top (peanut butter) & Enlightened (black cherry). They’re seriously so good & I wish I was eating some now!