Low Histamine Food List

If you google histamine intolerance or low histamine food lists you'll get dozens of different suggestions & half the time there are items that contradict each other. We had to do a lot of trial & error to see what we could & could not tolerate. However, we found that this food list from Histamine Intolerance Awareness was a good staring base for us to navigate from (see link below). Hope you find help & direction from it as well!

Low histamine level foods:

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  • Fresh meat (cooled, frozen or fresh)

  • Freshly caught fish

  • Chicken (skinned and fresh)

  • Egg yolk

  • Fresh fruits – with the exception of strawberries, most fresh fruits are considered to have a low histamine level (also see histamine liberators below)

  • Fresh vegetables – with the exception of tomatoes

  • Grains – rice noodles, yeast free rye bread, rice crisp bread, oats, puffed rice crackers, millet flour, pasta (spelt and corn based)

  • Fresh pasteurised milk and milk products

  • Milk substitutes – coconut milk, rice milk

  • Cream cheese, butter

  • Most cooking oils – check suitability before use

  • Most leafy herbs – check suitability before use

  • Most non-citric fruit juices

  • Herbal teas – with the exception of those listed below

High histamine level foods:

  • Alcohol

  • Pickled or canned foods – sauerkrauts

  • Matured cheeses

  • Smoked meat products – salami, ham, sausages….

  • Shellfish

  • Beans and pulses – chickpeas, soy beans, peanuts

  • Nuts – walnuts, cashew nuts

  • Chocolates and other cocoa based products

  • Vinegar

  • Ready meals

  • Salty snacks, sweets with preservatives and artificial colourings

Histamine liberators:

  • Most citric fruits – kiwi, lemon, lime, pineapple, plums…

  • Cocoa and chocolate

  • Nuts

  • Papaya

  • Beans and pulses

  • Tomatoes

  • Wheat germ

  • Additives – benzoate, sulphites, nitrites, glutamate, food dyes

Diamine Oxidase (DAO) blockers:

  • Alcohol

  • Black tea

  • Energy drinks

  • Green tea

  • Mate tea


  • Yoghurt – depends on the bacteria culture used

  • Egg white – it is a histamine liberator only when in its raw state


  • Yeast – even though it does not contain histamine as such, yeast serves as a catalyst for histamine generation during manufacture. There is no yeast in the end product.