2018 Goals

Like all of our question series we answer everything separately and without reading each others answers until we're all done writing - keeps it more fun that way. 

Technically it’s still January and still the beginning of 2018 which means there’s plenty of time to get our New Year goals underway. This year we each set 8 goals for ourselves. We like to set goals rather than resolutions because we want to try to work towards bettering ourselves. so here were go...


1. Eat less sugar. 

Both of us aren't exactly sugarholics and don’t usually buy sugary foods, but it’s still that time of year where the house is still stocked with some unhealthy treats (and the absent-mindlessness of grabbing them is not helping our healthy routine). Sugar is also an easy thing to reach for to help pull out of my tired slumps (which we all know is a vicious cycle).  

Gummy Bears

2. Get back on a workout regimen. 

Between traveling around the holidays, getting hit with the flu & battling sinus infection after sinus infection,  workouts have gone right out the window.

Kate: I really want to get back into doing Pilates & building my stamina back up. I know it’ll take a while to get to where I want to be, but every little bit helps and will eventually get me to that goal. 

Em: I have done yoga for years, but because of my hyper-flexibility due to Elhers Danlos, my body tends over extend and things will slip out of place too easily. I have been told I need to do Pilates instead of yoga because it will focus more on ‘keeping things in place’, so now I just need to commit to make it part of my regular schedule. 

Pilates - Exercise for POTS
pilates - exercise for POTS
Pilates - Exercise for POTS

3. Read more.

Kate: I’ve always loved books, but I find myself gravitating towards television (especially when I’m not feeling well). I want to break that habit & start reaching for a book rather than putting on another episode of friends. Also, since I have a really hard time falling asleep, I think that audiobooks might be a great way to doze off at night. 

Em: I just started The Woman in the Window and am very much enjoying it. I mostly read thrillers and always up for a great recommendation!


4. Cook more.

Kate: Em is definitely the cook out of the two of us, but this year I really want to challenge myself more by trying to expand upon my culinary skills. I want to try out new recipes & find some healthy dishes that fit within my dietary needs (vegetarian, low histamine, gluten free). Suggestions are very much welcomed!

Em: I struggle with this one because I love to cook but if I don’t make time to meal prep, I  end up picking up food last minute. When I feel sick, the last thing  in the world I want to do is start making food (but if I don’t eat, it just makes me feel worse). It’s a bad cycle and I need to commit to food prepping healthy food when I feel well enough to do so. I bought the tupperware, now I just need to use it! I always want to make my own almond milk! I have never tried my hand at making my own nut milks and think it would be fun to customize them with different spices and see if the homemade version tastes any different than the store bought kind.

chef's hat

5. Get more organized.

Kate: I want 2018 to be a year of organization & simplicity in my life. I think it’s time to declutter & get rid of things that I’m no longer using or have personally outgrown. The super duper minimalistic approach where you’re only left with like five items isn’t exactly my thing, but I’d like to take a jab at my stuff & really streamline it down. I think it would make my life easier & I’m all about that right now. 

Em: I am in need of a major closet clean out. I have been meaning to do this for far too long and have put it off. It’s one of those chores that you know once you start it’s going to take the whole day and be a huge undertaking, but I look forward to donating all the clothes I don’t regularly wear.

6. Take better care of our skin. 

Kate: For me this means completely removing any makeup I might have on, washing fully/properly & keeping it hydrated & moisturized. It’s not like I haven’t looked after my skin in the past, but it’s definitely been pushed aside & has been taken advantage of. When I’m symptomatic the little things (like skin care) get lost & never seem to get done regardless of my good intentions. I want to make more of an effort to do the things that will make me feel better (even if it’s only mentally) in the long run.  

Em: I have my morning and night time routine when it comes to skincare, but this year I really want to buy a red light laser to take my skin care one step further. I’ve been researching the positive effects of red light for a little while and I find the whole subject very interesting. I have my eye on one and have been saving for for a little while, but I plan to take the plunge and buy it as soon as I can!


7. Get a regular sleep schedule. 

Em: Go to bed earlier. I have great intentions of going to bed around 11 every night but all too often I am laying in bed wide awake at 1 or 2 am scrolling through my phone, watching an episode of some show, or on no device but still completely awake. I am not a great sleeper to begin with and want to be stricter about doing what I can to encourage an earlier sleep schedule (i.e. no caffeine after a certain time of the day, no screens etc). I get way more energy and night than I do in the morning and I need to figure out how to reverse this.


8. Get back into painting.

Kate:  Last and certainly not least on my list of 2018 goals is to get back into doing art. I studied fine art it college with a focus in painting & I desperately miss it. I want to get back into a routine of creating, even if it’s little side projects. For me it’s such a wonderful outlet & a space where I block out everything else that’s going on in my life. Sometimes the idea of starting something new is daunting when I’m feeling sick, but once I get myself to begin & I have a brush in my hand I am never regretful.

paint brushes - artist