Why did we want to start a Health & Wellness Blog?

 Like all of our question series we answer everything seperately and don't read each others answers till we're all done writing - keeps it more fun that way.

Here we go!


Two Being Healthy - Em


Two Being Healthy - Kate

Starting this blog was an idea we danced around for a long time. When dealing with my chronic illnesses, I typically tend to lean on a couple people who are really close to me, and then hide a lot of day-to-day struggles from the rest of the world, so the idea of publicly talking about the issues I normally deal with privately feels a little daunting. I started this whole autoimmune/autonomic journey over ten years ago and at that time, I wasn’t even quite comfortable leaning on my then boyfriend . Everything felt immensely personal and the only way I knew how to cope was to basically panic/meltdown daily to my mom, and not put what I viewed as a burden on anyone else (in retrospect, not the best way to handle the situation). When something like this hits, it’s overwhelming and it takes a while for you to get your routine down and figure out what you’re comfortable with and ultimately, what type of support system is going to be most beneficial to you. I am now much better about being more vocal about what is going on with me, and in the past few years, I have leaned on people in a way I didn’t know I was capable of. Being vulnerable and open about what actually is going on with my body allowed me to get comfort and support, but it also gave me the unexpected benefit of having the insecurity that lingered around my health issues for so long to slowly start to dissolve. For me, I found strength in that kind of transparency I avoided for so long.

So back to the question.. I would love to share anything I have learned along the way (and continue to learn) and hopefully give some insight into the autoimmune/ autonomic world I have been a part of for the last decade. Stay tuned!

Em & I have talked about doing a blog for a while now & I’m happy to say it’s finally being put to practice. One of the main reasons I wanted to created this blog was to have a community where people could share what they’ve learned along the course of their own “health journey” - whatever that may entail. Being healthy comes in many forms, mental, physical & emotional. Everyone has their own battles to deal with & everyone wants to be the healthiest versions of themselves possible.

I know from personal experience there are a LOT of trial & errors when trying to figure out what treatments works best for you. I’ve had countless ER trips, more tests than I could count & have shed my fair amount of tears along the way.

I wanted to use this blog to share my experiences, my hardships & my triumphs with you. Having a chronic illness doesn’t stop us from living our best lives, it just alters how we go about things. We make adjustments that work for us & in doing so try to be the healthiest us we can be.