Just Thrive Probiotic

So as promised we wanted to start showcasing some of our favorite finds from Natural Products Expo West and one of the big ones we are super excited about is Just Thrive probiotic & antioxidant. 

Due to our POTS, EDS, Lupus or MCAD (who even knows at this point) we both suffer from digestive and gastrointestinal issues. Problems with your gut, or as many refer to it as your “second brain”, can wreck havoc on your autonomic system and stir up further autoimmune issues. A ton of people actually claim that all autoimmune issues start in your gut. Like most other symptoms in our life, this flares up at times and becomes more manageable during others. We’ve been on (and still are) on many medications but we have never consistently introduced a probiotic into our system and stuck with it more than a week. In the past, we would take probiotics when we were finishing up antibiotics or when we were really feeling all the feels and needed a bit of help, but we never noticed a major difference that enticed us to carry on. We have upped our yogurt intake, tried the bottles of Bio-K, and we have taken probiotics that need to be refrigerated but we have never been sold on one.


One of the first things that caught our eye about Just Thrive is all the amazing statistics and data that shows how this brand is in it’s own superior category compared to many of the leading products out there. According to researchers, your stomach’s natural environment kill off 99.99% of the major types of probiotics long before they reach the small intestine. Just Thrive is the only 100% spore-based probiotic on the market that arrives alive in the small intestines making for better absorption efficiency. A very interesting fact we learned from meeting the people behind Just Thrive is that if a probiotic NEEDS to be refrigerated, than it’s not stable enough to survive in your body and make it to your gut. Think about it, if something needs to be refrigerated to stay alive, how is it going to make it all the way down to your stomach and intestines in a body thats almost 99 degrees? We were amazed at this because once they said it, we realized how much sense that made.


It is also the only probiotic to produces antioxidants in the digestive system where they are best absorbed by your body. The strains used in Just Thrive were the subject of a double blind human clinical trial on leaky gut showing a dramatic decrease in the toxins that leak into the blood stream from the gut. Essentially, these strains are sealing up the tight junctions (or the leakiness of the gut). Reading this was another reason we became so excited about this product; this is beyond powerful for people with autoimmune issues as leaky gut is a very common occurrence. We also loved learning that Just Thrive’s spore-based strains remain stable in the presence of antibiotics where most others are destroyed. Since we’re on and off antibiotics a lot unfortunately, we really appreciate that that this could give us extra support and help during a rougher patch. 


We decided to do a full 30 day trial of Just Thrive probiotics & antioxidants to see if all of the amazing testimonials and hype is indeed true. After talking with the wonderful members of this company at the Natural Products West Expo, their passion and belief in this product was undeniably contagious. We’re super excited to commit to 30 days and to see what differences we notice in our health.


As a change, we thought it would be fun to invite our readers and followers (YOU) to take the challenge alongside us - share with us your thoughts, updates & progress. We’re planning on doing another post after the challenge is over and sharing all of our insights and findings. For anyone out there with sensitivities, Just Thrive is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, nut free and non-GMO. They’re so confident that their customers will be 100% satisfied with their purchase that they offer a full refund (even if the bottle is empty).


 If you’re interested be sure to use our promo code: TWOBEINGHEALTHY for 15% off your order! Go to Thriveprobiotic.com to check it out.

We’re starting the challenge on May 1st. We can’t wait to do this together! 

For more information on Just Thrive Probiotics and Antioxidants be sure to click the button below to read our interview with Co-Founder & CEO of Just Thrive!