One of the reasons we started this blog was to showcase products we believe in or that have helped us along the way. Recently, we stumbled across Autoimmuni-Tea, a California based tea company that creates teas formulated to help ease autoimmune symptoms. Not only that, but a portion of their profits go to funding autoimmune research, which made us even more inclined to try some of this beautiful tea.


We tried the Anti-Inflammatory Super Blend, which is a mix of turmeric, rooibos, cinnamon, and calendula, all of which help fight the hallmark sign of autoimmune disease, inflammation. This caffeine-free blend can be brewed plain, or turned into Golden Milk, with the addition of milk and honey.


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We obviously love the mission behind this company, but as lifelong dedicated tea drinkers, we actually really love the taste of the tea as well. We tried this healing, earthy blend both ways. The first time was just plain and the second time was with a little stevia and coconut milk. In the end we honestly didn’t have a preference - we enjoyed it tremendously both ways. Since it’s caffeine-free, it’s a great option to make in the evening when winding down for day and want to enjoy comfort in a cup. Sometimes when you’re in pain all over, or even just feeling under the weather, it’s nice to know that this tea is there to use in a natural way to help ease inflammation. 



Considering all the medications I'm prescribed, I really hate taking any extra pills and putting more toxins into my body if I don't have to. I especially dislike having to take ibuprofen on top of everything else when my inflammation spikes, which it does quite often. Over the years, I've learned that I'm extremely sensitive to medications and have had many horrible adverse reactions that have landed me in the ER. Because of this, I'm super hesitant to put anything new into my system. I love that this tea is a natural remedy with no negative side effects and doesn't taste like medicine or something I wouldn't normally drink.

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