Lily's Chocolate

One of our great loves in life is chocolate. With the lifestyle parameters of a low-sugar diet, we’re basically on a never ending quest to find quality, good-tasting, low-sugar products. We discovered Lily’s chocolate a while ago and have been loyal fans and customers ever since. When our low-sugar lifestyle began, we would try a lot of generic sugar free candy options from the grocery store but they did not sit well with either of us.



 My stomach would basically bloat up to the size of a small basketball and I quickly learned that a few moments of candy was not worth the discomfort that ensued.

Lily’s tastes like good, real chocolate, but it just happens to be made with stevia so it’s naturally sugar free, nothing artificial. It melts beautifully and the flavors are delicious, (favorites include Orange and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt). We don’t really think of it as a dessert or an even an indulgence, we just eat it regularly as a snack!



They also makes mini chocolate chips which I pretty much always keep stalked in my cabinet for baking or eating on a spoon with peanut butter.  



One of my favorite things to do with Lily's chocolate (besides eat it by itself) is to melt some down  & dip salty pretzels into it. It makes a perfect sweet & salty treat (plus, as a potsie I'm always up for some more salt in my diet).  

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Lily's Chocolate.jpg