Ultima Replenisher Electrolytes

With POTS, we don’t ‘hold on to’ water as well as everyone else, so even if we’re drinking a considerable amount, it doesn’t mean we are necessarily well hydrated. Incorporating electrolytes into our fluids is an important tool in supporting our body and making sure our blood volume doesn’t fall too low (keeping our fluid levels up helps our blood fill up to a normal level and keeps our blood pressure in a better range). Even those without health problems can benefit by incorporating electrolytes into their daily lives; they support so many of our bodies systems.

Ultima is a great option because it’s naturally sweetened with stevia (so no sugar), made with all 6 balanced electrolytes plus minerals, and actually tastes really good.

Ultima Replenisher .jpg




My favorite by far is the grape and I always have a little jar stashed in my purse (or have to make an emergency trip to Sprouts). I’m the kind of person who doesn't really get sick of something if I love it, so I pretty much put the grape flavor in my water all day everyday. So far, I’m not even remotely sick of it and feel a noticeable difference when I’m being good and consistently taking it versus when I’m not.


I know it sounds weird but sometimes it gets tiring to have to stay super hydrated all the time. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is try & get at least 32 oz in me so I can start my day. When I was first diagnosed I was told by my Dr. to drink drinks that have electrolytes & sodium in them so they don’t go right through me (like plain old H2O) & leaves me depleted. I love Ultima because it tastes great, gives me that extra boost that we potsies so badly need & it doesn’t taste fake or overly sweet like powerade zero or low calorie gatorade can. It’s definitely one of my favorite electrolyte drinks & one that I highly recommend.