Just Thrive 30 Day Challenge Review

Our 30 day challenge results of Just Thrive Probiotics are coming to you a little late because 1) we can’t believe how fast this last month has flown by and 2) life, perusal, has gotten in the way. However, we truly believe this one is worth the wait because the results from this pill have been pretty incredible. 


Before officially staring, we wrote an earlier blog post where we introduced Just Thrive and shared some of the amazing benefits that it has to offer. We were also lucky enough to interview Tina Anderson, Co-founder and CEO, and have her answer all of our probiotic questions. If you’re new to this product make sure to check it out our interview post and our Just Thrive product spotlight post It’s not hard to see why we were so excited heading into this challenge and it did not disappoint. 


To recap our extremely long medical history, we both suffer from various autoimmune and autonomic issues such as Lupus, POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and MCAD (Mast Cell Activation Disorder). With those main diagnoses comes multiple offshoots of other issues, many of which are GI problems (like chronic emptying syndrome & leaky gut syndrome). We’re also very sensitive to medications, so being on multiple prescriptions and on/off antibiotics makes for even more gut issues. Okay, so that was our background going into the 30 day challenge of Just Thrive. 

Starting off, we were sure to consistent about taking Just Thrive everyday and to take it with the largest meal of the day (as is recommended) so we could record our proper results.

TMI moment but we both noticed looser bowls the first couple of days - which as we learned means the probiotic is doing it’s job. This doesn’t happen to everyone and if it does, it doesn’t mean you need to stop, but many people will experience this side effect because the your body is restoring* itself (it’s actually means your body is in need of a good probiotic!).  


The other thing we became aware of right off the bat was that we both had less stomach pain. It was pretty incredible that only after about 2 - 3 days we both were feeling results. Overall our whole gastrointestinal track seemed to work better. We had better bowl system movement, became more regular and our digestive track was improving as well. We honestly were so surprised that this probiotic was making such a difference since we had mixed to no results in the past when experimenting with new probiotics.


What was the most noticeable difference while taking this probiotic was that we experienced less stomach pain and discomfort in general. We both had less gas/bloating in our stomach and we seemed to have a an easier time digesting food. Which for us is HUGE.

Kate: Going into this challenge, I happened to be in an especially bad spell of stomach pain. I’ve always tend to have more GI issues than Em & it will fluctuate greatly depending on what’s going on in my life. Stress will make it way worse & when my giant list of other symptoms act up, my stomach always follows. During this particular time period, my stomach was feeling super scrapped out (if that makes sense), bloated & had sharp pain that left me bent over in discomfort. I wasn’t sleeping well due to the pain and I was taking a prescribed medication of Protonix that I’ll go on sporadically when needed. Because of Just Thrive I was actually able to STOP taking my stomach medication because I was feeling that much better - that’s honestly how much this probiotic has helped my stomach.  


Em: The best part of Just Thrive for me was that it allowed me to have more of an appetite, which is a welcomed thing! I very rarely feel hungry due to medications and symptoms, but a few days into taking Just Thrive I noticed getting hungrier which was super exciting, because I take that to mean it is correcting some underlying gut issue.

We have both taken several different types of probiotics in the past but we had never really felt the true results you always hear that probiotics can bring you. We would primarily focus on taking some after a course of antibiotics or had bad particularly bad GI issues, but never stuck with one because we didn’t experience the added value until we started with Just Thrive. We didn’t experience any negative side effects (which feels like a first for us when it comes to taking pills) and there is no bad aftertaste either (if anyone out there is wondering).

Even though we are past the official mark of our 30 day challenge we are both still taking Just Thrive and plan to continue to do so. It’s already helped us so much and we LOVE that it’s also a defense against getting sick.

We’ve already turned our mom & some friends into huge fans (our mom now subscribers to get Just Thrive delivered monthly). If anyone else is also interested in trying it out ,our Promo Code: TwoBeingHealthy is still available for use and will give you an extra 15% off! 

We would never promoting anything that we truly don’t believe in or take ourselves. We are so so happy we found Just Thrive at Natural Expo West and it’s now become a staple in our daily pill regime.


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