We’re two sisters, two people with medical obstacles & two people on the road to being the healthiest us we can be. Hence the Name of our blog:

Two Being Healthy

Our health complications came at around the same point in our lives, in our late teenage years, which we learned is the common time for autoimmune & dysautonomia to hit those predisposed. Although what we have overlap a great deal & a lot of the symptoms we experience are the same, our conditions manifest themselves in a different ways, unique to each of us. Of course you never want someone you love to experience anything so difficult, but there has been a tremendous amount of comfort & support we have found in each other dealing with such similar health struggles. Having someone who gets how hard it can be to do the simplest of tasks, that others might not give a second thought to, has been the greatest relief.

Since we have been dealing with autoimmune/autonomic issues for quite a long time now, we know that if something is inhibiting your health, you will do whatever you can to make an improvement. Although we always enjoyed learning about nutrition, we weren’t necessarily educated about it before our diagnosis. Together, we learned that nutrition plays such a huge role in autoimmune/autonomic issues (as it does in endless ailments) & we personally found relief that this was one aspect that we had the direct power to improve.

Em & Kate from Two Being Healthy

The same empowering feeling we got from positively improving how we felt through food, we applied to other aspects of our health conscious life. With endless hours of research, years of stumbling through trial/error & being lucky enough to have access to some of the best doctors, we developed a natural passion about all things health. 

And now, we would love to share what the two of us have discovered (and continue to discover) with you! 

-Em & Kate


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